Is there Uber in Taiwan? (and are they better than taxis)

May 4, 2024

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If you’re traveling to Taiwan, you’re probably wondering “Is there Uber in Taiwan” and “Can I use the Uber app in Taiwan?” Yes, you can use Uber in Taiwan and it’s a very convenient option!

Uber can be a convenient option, especially if you don’t speak Mandarin, as the app lets you request a ride and see the fare estimate upfront without needing to flag down a taxi on the street.

For visitors to Taiwan, it’s quite beneficial because you can just enter your destination and pay using your account, especially because many local taxi drivers don’t understand English.

You can pay using your Uber account, just like you would in your home country. This means you don’t have to sign up for a new app (or get a Taiwanese phone number) to hail a ride. Many local taxi drivers don’t understand English.

Uber is the only major (non-taxi) ride-hailing app available in Taiwan. There is no Grab or other such services in Taiwan. It is not very popular in Taiwan due to past legal disputes and the fact that the majority of locals use yellow standard taxis.

Also, as compared to ordinary taxis, Ubers are typically newer and cleaner vehicles, whereas regular taxis might range from clean to beat-up taxis. Ubers are not always cheaper than traditional taxis, and they may be slightly more expensive during peak periods.

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Is Uber legal in Taiwan

Yes, Uber’s service in Taiwan is legal and is safe to use. It just operates differently than in many other places. Learn about how safe Taiwan is and our top safety tips after the travel advisory for the Taiwan earthquake.

Traditionally, Uber acted as a ridesharing app connecting individual drivers with passengers. However, Taiwan regulations require drivers to have taxi licenses.

To comply, Uber now partners with licensed taxi companies. This means you’re essentially getting a “taxi driver” through the Uber app. All our 50+ Uber rides in Taiwan, the Uber drivers always had a personal vehicle, not a yellow taxi. The fare structure is also similar to taxis, with upfront pricing instead of Uber’s original dynamic pricing model.

Are Ubers affordable in Taiwan?

Uber is around the same cost as a taxi in Taipei. It’s at least the same amount and during peak times the price will go up whereas taxis remain the same price (since they are by distance).

How much is Uber from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei?

It depends on where you are heading.

For my ride from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei, the Uber fee was $1,500NT (New Taiwan Dollar) which is $46USD (United States Dollar).

How much is Uber in Taipei?

For my ride in between Taipei scenic spots such as Longshan temple or shopping the best Taiwan souvenirs in Taipei Main Station in the city (10-25 minutes ride), the average Uber rate ranged from 175NT to 400NT ($6USD to $13USD).

For a day trip out of Taipei to Jiufen Old Street, it was $1300NT ($40USD). Read my expert guide on what to eat in Jiufen Old Street.

For another day out of Taipei to Pingxi, it was $1,206NT ($37). Save my guide on how a day visiting Pingxi Old Street to fly a sky lantern looks like, and what to eat in Pingxi old street.

We even took Uber to get to the trailhead of Keelung mountain and Teapot mountain trails, which are both over an hour from Taipei. (and we slept on the Taiwan there!)

The price of ride sharing apps is determined by multiple factors including: distance, traffic, demand and which type of ride you are requesting. Uber will lock in your fare estimate when you search for your route using their respective apps. You can easily check Uber fare estimates here online or on the app.

Compared to Uber prices in the United States and Japan, Uber in Taiwan was very reasonable for us! The same distance would have easily cost twice to 3x as much in United States and Japan.

If you’re planning for a 7 day itinerary for Taiwan (or more), you’ll want to explore other cities other than Taipei. While you can’t take an Uber from Taipei to Kenting National Park because it’s too far, you can take the High Speed Rail (HSR) there and Uber in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Yilan, Jiufen, and virtually any major city in Taiwan and even some more popular villages.

Prices will vary based on time of day and how many riders are making requests.

Is Uber good in Taiwan?

We preferred taking Uber in Taiwan, compared to taking most yellow taxis. In our experience, in most countries, Uber has a higher standard for newer fleets because they require the vehicles to be within a certain car year. This usually means that Uber cars are often newer than yellow taxis.

Of course taking yellow taxis is completely fine as well, and you always get a fare and similar rate compared to Uber. Both Uber and yellow taxes are safe to use in Taiwan.

Is the Uber experience good in Taiwan? We were a bit surprised that the Uber drivers are very professional, and quiet in Taiwan. They don’t really speak much (especially since most drivers don’t speak English), but they are for the most part professional.

If you’re traveling to Taiwan, you’re probably also wondering is it safe to travel to Taiwan? And is it safe to use Uber or Taxi in Taiwan? The answer is Yes to both! You don’t have to worry about bargaining Uber or taxi prices in Taiwan.

How a typical yellow taxi and street looks like in Taiwan big cities like Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung

Is Uber or public transportation better in Taiwan?

We value time savings hence we pick Uber over the bus in Taipei any day. We also love the MRT subway in Taipei.

If your hotel or Taiwan Minsu is within 5 minutes walk of a Taipei MRT subway station and your destination is within 10 minutes of a MRT Station, pick the MRT. However if its further, or if you have to take the MRT/bus transfers to get to your destination, we recommend to opt for Uber.

For example, for a day trip to Jiufen Taiwan, if I took the bus, I would have to transfer 3 times and take 3 hours to get to Jiufen. We’d gladly pay $1300NT ($40USD) for the convenience of getting to Jiufen in under 50 minutes any day to save the time. That saves more time for exploring.

Is Uber more expensive than a taxi in Taiwan?

In our experience, Uber offered the same exact rate than traditional yellow taxis in Taiwan. (and we’ve taken over dozens of Uber rides all around Taiwan.)

Ubers may be slightly more expensive during peak periods due to their peak period pricing strategy (less Uber drivers available during peak periods, the rate goes up).

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