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We're Jade and Deeshen, founders and creatives that run a 'travel content creation' company named Namaste to Nihao. From our passion for traveling, photography, holistic heath and sharing experiences, Namaste to Nihao was born. The project started in 2022, and it grew into an inspirational community of seekers globally.

This is Namaste to Nihao

About Us

Namaste to Nihao is how we say hello in both our languages, but their meanings goes much deeper than that. Namaste means the Light in me honors the Light in you. Namaste is the pouring of the energy of togetherness, oneness, love, and gratitude from one mind to the other mind/nature. Nihao is how you greet someone in Mandarin, but the literal translation is you're good. May you always be in positive vibration and find your flow.

We wanted a name that inspires our community to explore the benefits of diverse cultures, and makes you conscious about the connection you hold within yourself and each other. We aim to inspire you through sharing our travel and holistic health journey and resources, and building a community of seekers together!

Destinations Guides: to help planning your trip, including dedicated travel photography guide to specific country and cities.

Holistic Health Inspiration: How to create your own mantra, and other ways deepen your spirituality, connection with your significant other, and relationship with your own self.

Life Style Inspiration: Create the life of your dreams with our travel & health tips

Learn more about our story below!

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Why Namaste to Nihao? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Passion: Travel and Holistic Health
At NamasteToNihao, we believe that true well-being goes beyond physical health—it encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Our passion for travel is not just about visiting new destinations; it's about the transformative experiences that travel can bring. We seek out places that inspire, cultures that teach, and moments that leave a lasting impact.
Holistic health is at the core of our philosophy. We understand that well-being is a harmonious balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Through our travel experiences, we aim to showcase destinations that promote a healthy lifestyle, from rejuvenating retreats to mindful practices unique to each culture.

What Sets Us Apart:
Authentic Experiences: We strive to provide genuine insights into the places we visit, capturing the essence of each destination through the eyes of locals and fellow travelers.

Holistic Health Tips: Our commitment to holistic health extends beyond travel. We share practical tips, wellness practices, and lifestyle choices that contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Cultural Immersion: NamasteToNihao is not just a spectator's guide to travel. We immerse ourselves in the local cultures, fostering a deep understanding of the traditions, cuisines, and philosophies that shape each community.

Community Engagement: At NamasteToNihao, our mission extends beyond exploration and well-being; it's about building a vibrant community of seekers. We cherish the NamasteToNihao community and actively foster an environment for open dialogue. Your experiences, insights, and questions are not just welcomed—they are the heart of our community.

Join us on this enriching journey as we explore the world through the lens of travel and holistic health. NamasteToNihao is more than a blog; it's a celebration of life, well-being, and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Deeshen and Jade
NamasteToNihao Co-Founders


We continue to grow our
vision of Namaste to Nihao.

We started hosting retreats, and building a community of seekers all over the world.

Our dream of building Namaste to Nihao sparked. We began short term digital nomad trips to LA, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy & Portugal. It was life changing! 

We traveled to Taiwan and India for our families to meet,
and hosted engagement activities in Taipei, Mumbai, and Seattle uniting our diverse cultures!

We push over selves outside of our comfort zones by...
Sky diving, cliff jumping, coastering, swimming with sharks, flying a motorcycle kite, Diving, Ziplining & bucket list activities!

We continued to level up our travel into new areas of luxury travel, fast travel, slow mindful travel, and authentic cultural experiences.

Almost immediately,
we began our travel journey all over the world together. 
It was Jade's dream to travel the world, then she got Deeshen hooked on travel!

Jan 2019
After a year of dating Deeshen proposed to Jade in Bollywood flash mob dance proposal. 
Afterwards, Jade also proposed to Deeshen. Wait til you see the video!

Summer 2017
We fell in love!
We met on a dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Fate had it that we were the first people to talk with each other.


love for travel, passion for healthy lifestyle

Jade almost lost her vision. We decided to go all in on her health journey, and to put her dreams of living in different parts of the world as a shared priority.

We had a spiritual awakening and continue to deepen our spiritual & manifestation journeys. We decided to content create together, starting with our instagram page and a blog! 

work with us!


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