Top Restaurants Honolulu: Mi Casa brings the best of Mexican food to Hawaii

February 5, 2024

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As we stepped into the vibrant world of Mi Casa at the Fish Cake Hawaii, a warm embrace of home enveloped us—a slice of México in Hawaii. The intoxicating aroma of spices, polished light-filled space, and the lively chatter of local families mingled in the air, creating an atmosphere that instantly brightens up your day and slows down the pace which feels designed for Kama’aina.

In the diverse culinary tapestry of Hawaii, where flavors from diverse corners of the world converge, we were invited to a hidden gem that adds a touch of México to the Pacific. Mi Casa, a Mexican popup restaurant, has embarked on a mission to redefine authentic and healthy upscale Mexican cuisine in the islands. From their fresh agua frescas, birria tacos, savory burritos, frijoles charros, to signature soups —every dish at Mi Casa is a fiesta of flavors made with Aloha.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Kaka’ako, Hawaii, Mi Casa operates as a pop-up twice a month at the Fish Cake, an upscale Japanese chic furniture and art store that houses a test kitchen so you can explore art while eating. This unique collaboration adds an extra layer of modern charm to the dining experience, creating a space where different cultures intersect.

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Mi Casa serves authentic North Mexican Cuisine with Aloha

Mi Casa stands out for its commitment to authentic, healthy Mexican food—a rarity on the Hawaiian culinary scene. Mi Casa bridges this gap, offering a culinary experience that is both authentic and nourishing. This became evident with the first sip of their strawberry and lime agua frescas. Its vibrant hues mirrored the lively spirit of México, using only natural sugar from the fruits, and the chili lime Tajín seasoning on the rim added a playful kick. It was a refreshing prelude to the culinary delight that awaited us.

Our recent visit to Mi Casa was a delightful adventure through their menu, sampling the best they had to offer. The agua frescas, adorned with chili lime Tajín seasoning on the rim, provided a refreshing start. The homemade guacamole with chips was a perfect balance of creamy avocados and zesty flavors. The creamy richness of the avocados and the crispiness of the chips created a satisfying crunch of textures and flavors that brightens up the soul.

This is the food of Eddie’s childhood. The healthy chicken soup, Caldo de Pollo, a soul-soothing bowl of goodness, showcased Mi Casa’s dedication to using fresh, quality ingredients. The Burrito Banado de Puerco, a star on their menu, was a harmonious blend of stewed carnitas, poblano peppers, spanish rice, textures and tastes, leaving us craving more. Smothered in a blend of fresh cheeses, pickled onions, cilantro, and their mouth watering dried hatch chile as their signature red sauce —a moment that made me appreciate the artistry of these unique dishes among Honolulu restaurants with each forkful.

Eddie grew up in New México where his mother taught him a rolodex of family recipes and he grew up cooking México’s Northern style food for the entire family. As he grew older, he relished every visit to Mexico and took it upon himself to learn his people’s historical culture dishes. The bold colors, flavors, and spices. As the time, it was never his intention to learn this for a restaurant but just to understand the beauty of how to create these flavorful dishes that brought out the soul of the culture.

Being in Hawaii made Eddie miss his childhood comfort food, so he decided to start his own. The dream started from his desire to introduce these rare dishes that most people never have experienced unless they visited México itself. The dream began: to gift people the opportunity to “taste the home-cooked meals of the eldest generation of a small town—that’s where the beauty of the flavor is shown the most.”

The Story of Eddie and Ayaka at the Fish Cake Hawaii and Beyond

Behind the flavors of Mi Casa lies a heartwarming story of love, dreams, and culinary passion. Eddie and Ayaka, the owners, met four years ago in a chance encounter at a bank. What began as a friendship blossomed into a love story over a cup of coffee. Eddie’s dream of starting a Mexican restaurant resonated with Ayaka, leading them to embark on a journey together.

Mi Casa is not just about traditional Mexican fare; it’s a fusion of Eddie and Ayaka’s Japanese and Mexican heritage. This blend of cultures is reflected in innovative dishes like their unique poblano tonkatsu, showcasing the couple’s creativity and commitment to offering diverse fusion culinary experience, while staying true to their original authentic Mexican offerings.

Final Thoughts: Top Restaurants Honolulu – Mi Casa brings the best of Mexico food to Hawaii

Eddie and Ayaka’s dream extends beyond the Fish Cake pop-up. They envision a future where Mi Casa has a permanent home—a top restaurant in Honolulu that welcomes guests to experience the warmth and flavors of their home. Currently, the couple, with the help of a few friends, strives to grow their customer base, with plans to open a fully fledged Mexican restaurant in Honolulu that caters to a diverse preferences including vegetarian and gluten-free options. Our Verdict? Mi Casa definitely makes it as one of Oahu’s top restaurants of the year!

Mi Casa is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of culture, love, and a shared passion for authentic, healthy Mexican cuisine. Eddie and Ayaka’s journey reflects the spirit of aloha, inviting diners to experience the warmth and flavors of Eddie’s childhood. As we eagerly await Mi Casa’s next pop-up, it’s clear that this culinary duo is on a mission to bring the best of northern Mexican cuisine to Hawaii, one delicious dish at a time. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Mi Casa welcomes you to savor the fusion of Mexican and aloha in the heart of Hawaii. After my first taste, I knew exactly where we would be spending future Sundays – at Mi Casa.

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant Location Details
Location: Mi Casa at the Fish Cake, 307 Kamani St, Hon, HI 96813 (every 1st and 3rd Sunday)
Check their Instagram for the latest popups and cooking classes

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