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Are you wondering what to do in Kauai on your last day? Have a late flight and want to maximize your trip? We live in Hawaii and have traveled to Kauai 5+ times, and let us tell you… KAUAI IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. It’s called the Garden Isle for a good reason! We’ve curated a […]

11 Memorable Ways to Spend Your Last Day in Kauai


Kauai, with its lush rainforests and dramatic coastlines, is called the “Garden Isle.” It is a dream destination filled with natural beauty for many couples and families. But before you book your tickets, you might be wondering: Is it safe to travel to Kauai? Overall, Hawaii is the fifth safest safest state and 2nd happiest […]

Is Kauai Safe to Visit in 2024? | Latest Kauai Safety Insider Tips


The Hawaiian culture is rich with ancient wisdom and spiritual practices, and at the heart of this tradition lies the enigmatic figure of the Kahuna nui. According to Hawaiian dictionary, the word Kahuna means “keeper of the secret.” It is a term used to call Native Hawaiian priests, healers, and experts. The Kahunas are revered […]

What is a Hawaii Kahuna? | 11 Unexpected Lessons from the Kahuna


Wondering where to see turtles in Oahu? As locals deeply familiar with Hawaii, we’re here to guide you through the best places to see sea turtles on Oahu. For couples and families planning a trip to Hawaii, missing out on the chance to witness the grace of these majestic majestic creatures would be a true […]

Where to see Turtles in Oahu | All you need to know BEFORE you go


Looking for the best spots on Oahu to watch or photograph a sunrise? We’ve got the top 7 right here! Hawaii’s third-largest island, Oahu, is a tropical paradise bursting with stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenic spots. After 20+ trips to Hawaii and living here as locals, we let us break down the top sunrise spots […]

Best Places to Watch and Photograph a Sunrise on Oahu | All You Must Know


Many people are wondering if it’s ethical to travel to Hawaii, a highly debated topic, especially with the recent Maui fires. There is a way to visit Hawaii responsibly. We invite you to travel with responsible intentions in Hawaii and will provide you tips on how to be a responsible visitor. When you follow these tips for doing so, you’ll better understand the Hawaiian perspective, appreciate what makes these islands so special, travel ethically, and deepen your immersion into the Hawaiian culture.

Is it ethical to travel to Hawaii right now? 10 ways to be a Responsible Visitor


Traveling to Taiwan and asking yourself is Taiwan safe to travel? Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world for solo travelers, women, Americans, foreigners and more. What about it conflict with China? Nonetheless, there are a few possible risks, both natural and man-made. Learn about these in advance to increase the safety of your travel to Taiwan!

Is Taiwan safe to travel right now? | Latest Taiwan Safety Insider Tips


Visiting Taiwan for a week but have no clue what are the best things to do? Still largely undiscovered by travelers, Taiwan is one of the best and safest places to travel in all of Asia. We have traveled extensively in Taiwan and recently came back from a Taiwan trip where we experienced the area’s […]

Taiwan Itinerary for 7 or 10 Days with 48 Top Must do things


On the search for Honolulu Mexican food? Mi Casa serves some of the best Mexican food food in Honolulu. With a rotating fresh menu every two weeks at the Fish Cake Hawaii, it’s northern style Mexican cuisine has won the hearts of locals and tourists, making its way to one of the top restaurants in Honolulu.

Top Restaurants Honolulu: Mi Casa brings the best of Mexican food to Hawaii


We work hard to provide you excellent travel guides to help you travel better, eat better, and be more connected to the world and yourself. However, we’re not the only good mindful travel blog out there. We wanted to share some of our favorite travel blogs that can also help you travel better, easefully, and […]

Best Travel Blogs to Read in 2024: Our Top 12 Favorite

Travel Tips

Pingxi, Taiwan is one of the magical places in Asia where if you visit once, you’ll dream about coming back forever. Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of the Ruifang region, Pingxi old street is a colorful little town with a slow-paced charm, a welcoming allure, and a tantalizing array of traditional flavors. Known for its […]

Pingxi Food Guide: What to eat in Pingxi Old Street | Taipei Taiwan


In the heart of Taiwan, nestled among the rolling hills of the Ruifang region and a tapestry of emerald green, lies the enchanting town of Pingxi. Known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant traditions, this quaint town has etched itself into the global consciousness as the quintessential destination for the enchanting sky lantern festival in […]

Inside Pingxi, Taiwan, the Sky Lanterns will manifest your Dreams


We’re Jade & Deeshen. This blog is inspired by our desire to help you grow a deeper connection with yourself & the world. We’re sharing our best end-of-year reflection questions of all time. Below are 21 questions that will 10x your energy, gratitude, and focus easefully in the new year. 3 WAYS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE THE QUESTIONS FINAL THOUGHTS What else […]

21 End of Year Reflection Questions for Easeful Growth

photo of cup beside books


Choosing Between Keelung Mountain Trail and Teapot Mountain Trail in Taiwan? Welcome to NamastetoNihao, where we explore the adventures that connect you deeper with yourself and the world. As a couple, Taiwan is one of our favorite places to travel. If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan and find yourself torn between hiking Mount Keelung […]

Should I hike Keelung Mountain or Teapot Mountain? Taiwan Hikes


In the ongoing debate among Taipei locals over the best day trip destination, whether it’s the serene hills of Teapot Mountain or the debating what to eat at Jiufen, let us whisk you away to the hidden gem that is Houtong Cat Village. This dainty village is where feline dreams become reality! 🌈🐱 Nestled just […]

Houtong Cat Village Guide | Best Day Trip from Taipei for Couples & Families


Venice, Italy, is a dreamy destination like no other, and it is one of our favorite Italian cities. With its enchanting canals, timeless architecture, and rich history, it beckons travelers from around the globe. If you’re planning a visit to this remarkable city, you’re in for a treat. In this comprehensive Venice travel guide, we’ll […]

Top 7 Things to do in Venice · Complete Guide for First-Timers


As the crisp, cool air of autumn sets in, Washington State transforms into a canvas of fiery reds, golden yellows, and rich oranges. Join us on a journey through the Evergreen State’s most enchanting destinations, where nature’s paintbrush creates a stunning tapestry of fall colors that will leave you awestruck. From the fall colors in Mount Rainier’s Skyline loop to the beautiful North Cascades Highway, and to the serene views of Lake Wenatchee, these are the best places to immerse yourself in the beauty of fall in Washington.

Best Places to See Fall Colors in Washington State

The best places to see fall colors in Washington State


The best travel apps for Italy that will help you plan your Italy vacation effortlessly, authentically, and memorably.

21 Best Italy Travel Apps for Your Italy Trip in 2024

Best travel apps for Italy


If you only have one day in Venice, you’re in the right place. We recently traveled across 8 Italian cities and we’re sharing a perfect 24 hour Venice itinerary. This guide includes all the top sights, how to get to the city, best activities, best places to stay, the best time to visit, and a […]

Ultimate Venice 1 day Itinerary: Detailed Itinerary and Top Sights


Explore the stunning Cinque Terre with our picture-perfect itinerary. Visit the best places in Cinque Terre like Manarola and Vernazza for sunrise, savor an authentic Italian breakfast, capture Instagram-worthy photos, dine at the finest spots, and soak in the magic of this coastal paradise. Discover top restaurants and luxurious accommodations for a perfect stay. Plan your unforgettable trip in Cinque Terre now!

The Only Itinerary You’ll Need to Visit Cinque Terre


Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, captivates visitors with its rich history, magnificent art, and charming streets. While one day may seem short to experience all that Florence has to offer, with careful planning, you can immerse yourself in the city’s beauty! In this travel blog itinerary, we’ll guide you through a memorable day in Florence, highlighting its iconic landmarks, renowned museums, delightful cuisine, and picturesque streets.

A Day in Florence: Ultimate Itinerary to Explore the Renaissance City in 24 hours

couple in a vintage car in florence, italy


Are you ready to explore the breathtaking beauty of Milan’s iconic Duomo Cathedral but worried about what to wear and the strict dress code? We’ve got you covered. The Duomo di Milano stands as the pinnacle must-visit spot in Milan, Italy, but its strict security measures can be daunting. It is the 3rd largest church […]

Milan Duomo Dress Code | What to Wear and What NOT to Wear


Whether you’re just starting to explore Italy or already have your flights booked, Milan deserves a spot on your itinerary! This captivating city is called the Fashion Capital of Italy for good reason, and offers the perfect blend of history, architecture, food, and (of course) incredible fashion! But with so much to see, navigating Milan […]

The BEST Milan 2 Day Itinerary (Written by a travel expert!)


Whether you’re just starting to explore Italy or already have your flights booked, Milan deserves a spot on your itinerary! This captivating city is called the Fashion Capital of Italy for good reason, and offers the perfect blend of history, architecture, food, and (of course) incredible fashion! But with so much to see, navigating Milan […]

Best Milan Itinerary for 3 days | Top Sights and Itinerary Ideas