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Best Travel Blogs to Read in 2024: Our Top 12 Favorite

January 12, 2024

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We work hard to provide you excellent travel guides to help you travel better, eat better, and be more connected to the world and yourself. However, we’re not the only good mindful travel blog out there. We wanted to share some of our favorite travel blogs that can also help you travel better, easefully, and authentically. There are so many good blogs out there, and we’d love to point you to some of them.

Ready to dive into a world of adventure, culture, and incredible stories? Whether you’re dreaming of faraway places or looking for the best local gems, these blogs are your go-to guides. Get ready to be inspired, plan your next adventure, and maybe even start your own travel blog!

1. Spiritual Travels

Link: Spiritual Travels

Known for: Nick Kembel’s blog focuses on in-depth guides about Taiwan, Asia, Canada, Europe, religious sight, and traveling with kids. His blog is know for super detailed long travel guides, and is one of the best we’ve came across for planning slow travel across a country, namely Taiwan, where he lived for over 10 years. Nick explores destinations with rich cultural and spiritual histories, providing insightful narratives on how travel can be a transformative and mindful experience. His writing often delves into the spiritual aspects of different cultures, making it an inspiring read for those seeking a deeper connection with the places they visit. What we love most about Spiritual Travel guides is that we can easily spend 1-2 hours each week reading and seeking inspiration for fully understanding Taiwan and the other countries that we’re considering a second home in.

Popular Destinations: Taiwan, Asia, Canada, Europe

Most Helpful For: Travelers interested in slow travel across Taiwan, Asia, Canada, and Europe, spiritual and cultural immersion, and seeking a deeper understanding of the traditions and practices of diverse communities.

2. Mel365

Link: Mel365

Known for: Mel365, run by Australian-based photographer and traveler Stefano, is renowned for its stunning visual storytelling and detailed travel guides across multiple countries. Francesco captures the essence of each destination through his lens, emphasizing the beauty of both popular and off-the-beaten-path locations. Instead of visiting 100 countries in 2 years, he prefers to slow travel and experience a country with long travel plans, not “tapas” trips. His photography not only showcases the physical landscapes but also aims to convey the architectural and cultural hubs of the places he explores, making it a captivating source of inspiration for slow travel. What we love most about Mel365’s guides is that he goes into detail about the vibe of each neighborhood to live the place authentically, safely, and as a local. You really get a behind-the-scenes look at an international citizen.

Popular Destinations: Australia, Sri Lanka, Ital, Greece, Malta, Florida, Cuba, Cyprus

Most Helpful For: Travelers seeking inspiration and in-depth cultural exploration through photography.

3. Salt in our Hair

Link: Salt in our Hair

Known for: Salt in our Hair blog, managed by Hannah and Nick, stands out for its emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly travel. Salt in our Hair offers practical tips and guides on how to explore the world while minimizing one’s environmental impact. The blog’s commitment to responsible travel makes it an excellent resource for those seeking beautiful and mindful experiences that contribute positively to the destinations they visit.

Popular Destinations: Bali, Costa Rica, New Zealand

Most Helpful For: Eco-conscious travelers looking for sustainable travel practices and destinations committed to environmental conservation.

4. Wanderlicious by Adrianna

Link: Wanderlicious

Known for: Adrianna’s Wanderlicious blog is blog on budget travel to some of the world’s most picturesque places. She quiet her job over a year ago with her husband to travel the world. Adrianna’s positive, mindful, and carefree attitude makes her travel guides and Instagram videos super fun to watch. It encourages readers to savor every moment of their journeys and have fun. Adrianna’s focus on the quiet beauty of nature rather than just the hustle and bustle of a destination makes her blog an excellent resource for those who appreciate the richness of each place they visit.

Popular Destinations: Budget travel in Maldives, Bali, Japan, and more

Most Helpful For: Travelers seeking in-depth itineraries and insights for slow, immersive travel experiences.

5. Ariel Land

Link: Ariel Land

Known for: Ariel Land, curated by travel enthusiast Ariel, is known for its unique perspective on cultural immersion. Ariel shares personal stories and insights from her travels, emphasizing the connections she forms with local communities. Her blog inspires mindful travel by highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting diverse cultures, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world’s beauty through meaningful interactions.

Popular Destinations: Japan, Taiwan, Asia, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore

Most Helpful For: Cultural enthusiasts looking for personal narratives and tips on connecting with local communities during their travels.

6. Taiwan Obsessed by Nick Kembel

Link: Taiwan Obsessed

Known for: Another one of Nick Kembel’s blogs made it to our top travel blogs list! Nick Kembel’s dedicated blog to Taiwan showcases his deep appreciation and love for the island country. As an experienced traveler and writer, Nick explores Taiwan’s diverse landscapes, cultural gems, and culinary delights. “Taiwan Obsessed” offers detailed guides, travel tips, and personal anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of Taiwan’s beauty. Nick’s passion for the country is evident, making the blog an excellent resource for those looking to discover the hidden treasures and unique experiences Taiwan has to offer.

Popular Destinations and Topics: Taiwan, Taipei, Taroko Gorge, Sun Moon Lake, Night Markets, Living in Taiwan, and more

Most Helpful For: Travelers interested in exploring Taiwan, whether for its vibrant cities, natural wonders, or cultural richness, seeking insights from an experienced and passionate traveler like Nick Kembel.

7. Chloe’s Travelogue

Link: Chloe’s Travelogue

Known for: Chloe, a Korean travel blogger, shares her adventures and experiences as a couple exploring the world together. Chloe’s Travelogue is dedicated to couples seeking travel inspiration, practical tips, and romantic destinations. The blog combines stunning visuals with detailed itineraries, offering a glimpse into the joy of traveling as a couple and discovering the world hand in hand.

Popular Destinations: Santorini, Maldives, Kyoto

Most Helpful For: Couples looking for romantic travel ideas, destination recommendations, and tips for creating memorable experiences together.

8. Spanish Sabores

Link: Spanish Sabores

Known for: Run by Lauren Aloise, Spanish Sabores is a delightful exploration of Spain’s culinary and cultural treasure travel guides. Lauren, originally from the United States but now based in Spain, shares her love for Spanish food, traditions, and travel experiences. The blog is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to dive into the vibrant culture and delicious cuisine of Spain.

Popular Destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville

Most Helpful For: Food enthusiasts and travelers interested in experiencing the authentic flavors and culture of Spain.

9. The Sophisticated Life by Nadeen White

Link: The Sophisticated Life

Known for: Run by travel and lifestyle blogger Nadeen White, “The Sophisticated Life” is a platform that combines luxury travel experiences with cultural exploration. Nadeen’s blog caters to those who seek a blend of sophistication, adventure, and cultural immersion in their travels. With a focus on luxurious destinations, fine dining, and unique experiences, The Sophisticated Life offers insightful guides and recommendations for travelers looking to elevate their journeys.

Popular Destinations: Santorini, Paris, Caribbean Islands

Most Helpful For: Travelers interested in luxurious and sophisticated travel experiences, seeking recommendations for upscale destinations, accommodations, and unique cultural activities.

10. The Occasional Traveller

Link: The Occasional Traveller

Known for: Jaclynn Seah, based in Singapore, shares her travel adventures and tips on The Occasional Traveller. Her blog is a blend of personal stories, destination guides, and creative travel ideas as a weekend warrior traveler. She also once took a 15 month career break to travel the world, and shares tips on how to plan for a career break travel. Jaclynn’s unique perspective as a traveler from Singapore adds diversity to the travel blogging space, and her focus on practical advice makes her blog a go-to resource for fellow Asian travelers.

Popular Destinations: Japan, South Korea, New Zealand

Most Helpful For: Travelers seeking relatable and practical travel advice, planning a solo Career Break

11. The Culture Map

Link: The Culture Map

Known for: Based in Europe, Shing Yoong’s blog, The Culture Map, explores the intersection of travel, culture, and personal development. Shing’s thoughtful writing delves into the cultural nuances of each destination, encouraging readers to engage in meaningful travel experiences. The Culture Map is an insightful resource for those looking to understand and appreciate the cultural richness of diverse destinations in Europe and beyond.

Popular Destinations: London, Japan, Sri Lanka, Italy, Europe

Most Helpful For: Travelers seeking deep cultural insights and personal growth through their journeys.

12. Namaste to Nihao

Jade & Deeshen from Namaste to Nihao

Link: Namaste to Nihao

Known for: With a humble spirit, we add ourselves on this list, aspiring to be the premier blog for spiritual travel, food, culture and holistic health. “Namaste to Nihao,” curated by the couple Jade and Deeshen, seamlessly integrates their love for spiritual, culinary, health, and cultural facets of travel throughout Asia, Europe and Hawaii. Opting for a mindful approach over visiting 10 countries annually, the duo engages in slow travel across select destinations for extended periods, as they search for a second home they’d aspire to F.I.R.E. in. Namaste to Nihao emphasizes mindful spiritual travel, couples’ adventures, in-depth food explorations, and health insights. Providing a distinctive perspective on diverse traditions and practices, it serves as an invaluable resource for those in search of a harmonious balance of mindfulness, cultural immersion, and spiritual growth in their travel experiences.

Popular Destinations: Taiwan, Italy, Florence, Cinque Terre, Portugal, Hawaii, Jiufen, Huotong Cat Village, Pingxi

Most Helpful For: Travelers interested in exploring the spiritual, food, and health influences of Taiwan, Italy, Portugal, and Hawaii.

Share Your Favorites!

As we conclude our list of the best of the best travel blogs in 2024 to help you plan your next trip, we wonder: Have we missed any gems in this curated list? Share your favorite mindful travel, food, and health blogs, including those we may have overlooked. Let’s foster a community that cherishes the diverse voices shaping our global narrative. Onwards!

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