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Unsure what to buy in Taiwan? Here is a list of things to buy in Taiwan from best souvenirs, Taiwan famous products, food souvenirs, traditional gifts, best pineapple cakes and pastries, and best things to bring back from Taiwan for your friends and family. We’ve also included where to buy them, who will love which souvenirs, and best places to shop.

38 Taiwan Souvenirs to Buy and Where to Buy Them


Traveling to Taiwan and asking yourself is Taiwan safe to travel? Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world for solo travelers, women, Americans, foreigners and more. What about it conflict with China? Nonetheless, there are a few possible risks, both natural and man-made. Learn about these in advance to increase the safety of your travel to Taiwan!

Is Taiwan safe to travel right now? | Latest Taiwan Safety Insider Tips


Visiting Taiwan for a week but have no clue what are the best things to do? Still largely undiscovered by travelers, Taiwan is one of the best and safest places to travel in all of Asia. We have traveled extensively in Taiwan and recently came back from a Taiwan trip where we experienced the area’s […]

Taiwan Itinerary for 7 or 10 Days with 48 Top Must do things


Pingxi, Taiwan is one of the magical places in Asia where if you visit once, you’ll dream about coming back forever. Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of the Ruifang region, Pingxi old street is a colorful little town with a slow-paced charm, a welcoming allure, and a tantalizing array of traditional flavors. Known for its […]

Pingxi Food Guide: What to eat in Pingxi Old Street | Taipei Taiwan


In the heart of Taiwan, nestled among the rolling hills of the Ruifang region and a tapestry of emerald green, lies the enchanting town of Pingxi. Known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant traditions, this quaint town has etched itself into the global consciousness as the quintessential destination for the enchanting sky lantern festival in […]

Inside Pingxi, Taiwan, the Sky Lanterns will manifest your Dreams


In the heart of Pinglin, where the air is tinged with the delectable aroma of freshly baked pastries and the ancient whispers of incense from nearby temples, we stumbled upon an enchanting sanctuary of tea mastery – Xuan Zi Ju Tea House. Serendipity led us to this hidden gem, nestled and tucked in the quaint […]

A search for Traditional Tea Ceremony leads to Pinglin, Taiwan


Choosing Between Keelung Mountain Trail and Teapot Mountain Trail in Taiwan? Welcome to NamastetoNihao, where we explore the adventures that connect you deeper with yourself and the world. As a couple, Taiwan is one of our favorite places to travel. If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan and find yourself torn between hiking Mount Keelung […]

Should I hike Keelung Mountain or Teapot Mountain? Taiwan Hikes


In the ongoing debate among Taipei locals over the best day trip destination, whether it’s the serene hills of Teapot Mountain or the debating what to eat at Jiufen, let us whisk you away to the hidden gem that is Houtong Cat Village. This dainty village is where feline dreams become reality! 🌈🐱 Nestled just […]

Houtong Cat Village Guide | Best Day Trip from Taipei for Couples & Families


Visiting Jiufen and have no idea what to eat? Nestled within the mist-kissed charm of Jiufen old street lies a gastronomic food heaven, where history whispers through cobblestone alleys. Join us on a culinary adventure through the enchanting Jiufen Taiwan, where each bite is a symphony dance of tradition and innovation. Legend has it that […]

Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan | What to eat in Jiufen’s food heaven