Is there Uber in Milan? (are they better than taxis)

June 15, 2024

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If you’re planning a trip to Milan Italy and wondering about transportation options, Uber might be one of the services you’re considering.

Yes, Uber operates in Milan but there’s a few things you should know! Uber’s presence is more limited compared to what you might be used to. In Milan, Uber offers a premium services, Uber Black, which uses professional drivers and high-end vehicles.

Not Regular Uber: Regular Uber, with everyday cars and lower fares, is NOT available in Milan due to local regulations.

Uber Black Only: The Uber option in Milan is more like a limo service called Uber Black. It uses licensed black car drivers and high-end vehicles.

Expect Higher Prices: Since it’s a luxury service, Uber Black rides will be more expensive than regular taxis in Milan.

Uber doesn’t operate in every Italian city, so be sure to check out this list of top Italy travel apps (includes taxi alternatives) to download BEFORE your Italy trip and best train app for Italy.

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In this guide, we’ll cover everything from if Uber is legal in Milan, how much it costs, to is Uber or taxi better.

But first, make sure to book these before your Italy trip!

  • Best deal for Italy E-Sim – Book your e-sim in advance for the best rates, and avoid long lines. (You can start using internet once you land!)
  • Best deal for Italy Airport Transfers – We highly recommend you book Italy airport transfers in advance. (Airport transfers come with a professional driver that meet you once you exit baggage claim, it’s better than calling an Uber/taxi!)

Is Uber Expensive in Milan?

Uber in Milan tends to be more expensive than traditional taxis, especially since the primary service available is Uber Black, which uses higher-end vehicles and professional drivers. Pricing also vary based on demand, time of day, and other factors.

However, visiting from the USA, we found Uber Black in Milan to be around the same rate as regular Ubers in the USA (expect with black luxury cars!).

In our experience visiting Milan, Milan’s main sights are all very close together and within walking distance. We used Uber to get from the Milano Centrale Train Station to Hotel Indigo Milan (which we loved and it was only a 7 minute walk to the Milan Duomo) and it cost 13 euros / 14 USD via Uber.

Pssst…if you’re visiting the Duomo or La Scala Opera house, also check out Duomo Dress Code Milan and La Scala dress code to learn what you can and can’t wear to these iconic locations.

All of Milan’s top sights were within walking distance to the Milan Duomo, so you won’t need Uber much once you’re dropped off near the Duomo.

After spending 24 hours in Venice (where no Uber or taxis are allowed) and lugging our luggage… we were THRILLED to have Uber in Milan! We did not mind spending a bit more for the convenience, and ensuring a nicer car and higher standard of service. Plus, no need to download and setup another tax app!

Is Uber Legal in Milan?

Yes, Uber is legal in Milan. The service has faced various legal challenges and regulatory scrutiny in the past, but it currently operates legally under specific regulations that mainly allow the Uber Black service, which involves licensed drivers and vehicles.

Is Milan Uber or Taxi Better?

The choice between Uber and taxis in Milan depends on your preferences and needs:

  • Uber: If you want a guaranteed luxury ride, Uber Black is the option to go with! but expect a higher price. Uber in Milan offers a more premium experience with professional drivers and high-end vehicles.
  • Taxis: More readily available and generally more afordable than Uber. They can be hailed on the street, found at taxi stands, or booked via phone or app.

Here’s a video of how to get a Taxi in Milan:

Here’s a quick decision guide:

  • Want a guaranteed ride in a luxury car? Go for Uber Black, but be prepared for a slightly higher fare.
  • Staying far from Milan’s city center or Looking for a more affordable option? Consider regular taxis, such as FreeNow or appTaxi.

Expert tips: Uber vs Taxi in Milan

PRO-TIP #1: Download both the Uber app and FreeNow or appTaxi so you have both handy. And remember to download these apps for Italy in advance!

PRO-TIP #2: Use Uber for short tips within Milan, such as riding from your hotel to the Duomo di Milano, take an Uber.

Trust me, you’ll want to get to there at the best time to visit Duomo Milan, the most beautiful cathedral in Italy and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world! It’s an unforgetable experience!

Also, check out our guide on the dress code for Duomo Milan as it’s strict.

Make sure to stop by the Duomo in Milan (yes, Uber can drop you off right in front)

For inter-city travel from Milan to other cities like Venice, don’t use Uber, instead use this best Italy train app to buy train tickets. It’ll be much faster, more affordable, and a better experience!

Speaking of inter-city travel… where should you go in Italy after Milan?

Check out our guides on 24 hours in Venice itinerary, Cinque Terre 2 days itinerary (don’t forget to capture amazing memories at Cinque Terre Instagram spots). And spend one day in Florence, Jade’s favorite city in Italy. (Milan is Deeshen’s favorite city!)

Is Uber in Milan Safe?

Uber in Milan is generally considered safe. The service uses professional drivers with licensed vehicles, which ensures a high standard of safety and quality.

We felt completely safe using Uber in Milan, and found the Uber Black cars luxurous and premium. It was the best Uber service we had in Italy.

As always, it’s important to follow standard safety practices, such as verifying the driver’s details and the car before getting in.

Can I Use Uber in Milan, Italy?

Yes, you can use Uber in Milan. You will need to have the Uber app installed on your smartphone (more on that below), and you can book rides just as you would in any other city where Uber operates.

Using Uber in Milan

Using Uber in Milan is straightforward:

  1. Download the Uber app and create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Enter your destination in the app.
  3. Choose your preferred Uber service (usually Uber Black in Milan).
  4. Confirm your pickup location and request the ride.
  5. Track your ride’s progress and enjoy your trip.

Is there Uber in Milan Airport?

Yes, you can use Uber to travel to and from Milan Malpensa Airport. The service is convenient for airport transfers, but availability may vary depending on the time of day and demand.

Is there Uber in Milan Linate Airport?

Yes, Uber is available at Milan Linate Airport. Similar to Malpensa, you can book a ride to or from the airport using the Uber app.

Is Uber Popular in Milan?

While Uber is available in Milan, it’s not as widely used as traditional taxis. (Local Italians’ are averse to taking Uber and taxis in general) The limited service options (mainly Uber Black) and higher costs compared to taxis mean that many locals and visitors still prefer taxis for everyday travel.

Is there Lyft in Milan, Italy?

No, Lyft is not currently operating in Milan or anywhere else in Italy. Uber is currently the primary app-based ride hailing service available in Milan, other than traditional taxis.

We hope you found this guide to using Uber in Milan! Whether you choose Uber, a traditional taxi, or another form of transport, you now have a better understanding of what to expect.

Where would you like to visit in Italy? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our other Italy travel itineraries and tips!

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