Big News: I got accepted in the Unlock Her Potential Program

December 6, 2023

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Exciting News to Share! 🌟 Our very own Jade Chan, Creative Director of NamastetoNihao.com, has been accepted into the Unlock Her Potential 2024 Program as a Journalism Mentee.

Read her announcement below:

I am thrilled to announce my acceptance into the Unlock Her Potential 2024 Program, marking a pivotal step in my journey as a Travel & Food Journalist. The honor of being mentored by Bill Addison, the esteemed LA Times Food Critic and Journalist, is truly humbling. This is a dream come true.

Bill Addison’s inspiring transformation from an underdog to a James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic mirrors my passion for cultivating journalistic mastery. His storytelling finesse, capturing the essence of a dining experience, aligns seamlessly with my belief that ambiance, service, and cultural context are all integral to savoring a meal. The 360-degree view of a dining experience, akin to a journey to different countries and cultures, resonates deeply with me. Through the lens of a kitchen, one can literally travel the world, explore diverse flavors, aromas, and spices, and open up new taste palettes. Our shared enthusiasm for storytelling, travel, and culinary exploration promises dynamic synergy!

Receiving Bill Addison’s mentorship is a significant milestone for my creative and professional growth. This mentorship will not only help surmount obstacles but also empower me to hone my skills in travel and food journalism. By investing in me, this mentorship provides invaluable life guidance and connections. It enables me to make a lasting impact on the travel and food industries.

My passion for travel and diverse cuisines traces back to my humble beginnings and upbringing in a LA ghetto. My love for travel and diverse cuisines sparked when I received scholarships to study in California and Asia over a decade ago and served as an ambassador in Taiwan and Japan. This inspiration evolved into a rich tapestry of flavors, cuisines, travel, and health. It ultimately led to the creation of this blog, NamastetoNihao.com, with my partner, Deeshen.


I am genuinely excited to embark on this journey, eager to absorb knowledge, foster personal growth, and actively contribute. As a first-time mentee in a program like Unlock Her Potential, I am grateful for this incredible opportunity. My commitment to supporting underrepresented talent is evident in spearheading the first EmpowHER program at Azusa Pacific University and the inaugural Amazon Web Services Sponsor for Success program.

Thank you to the Unlock Her Potential® team and founder Sophia Chang for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for opening doors for me, so I can keep opening doors for others.

I am enthusiastic about the enriching experiences that await on this transformative journey! 🚀

Would you like to learn tips on applying to the Unlock Her Potential program? Comment with your questions below and I’ll answer any questions you have.

What does this mean for you?

Join us for the adventure! We, as Deeshen and Jade, will continue to write blogs for all of you at NamastetoNihao community. We’ll stay true to our mission—to help you connect deeper with yourselves and the world. As a reader and part of our community, this means you’ll get a front-row seat on our journey towards journalistic and writing mastery. Look forward to blogs as we continue to grow our content, up level our writing, and create inspiring content to inspire your soul!

How can you support us? Or Work with us?

If you like our blogs, comment and share them. That’s the best way to support us! 🙂 Have feedback for us to improve or a topic you’d like us to write about? We’d love to hear it! Feel free to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or in the comments. We’re always looking for partnerships and brand collaborations. Feel free to send us a message here.

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